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The idea for FLACOS came about in 2000. Every time the founder Antonio Magana went to a Mexican restaurant, the only item he could order from the menu was the “Vegetarian Burrito” without cheese and sour cream. That got boring, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. In the Fall of 2001, Flacos debuted at the Berkeley Farmers Market. Armed with two fresh pots of tamales, he fed the people who showed up to try this new “Vegan Mexican Food” idea. With time it caught on and grew into the restaurant and culture it is today.

Antonio grew up enjoying the traditional family recipes from his Abuelitas Carmen & Santos “Chata.” As a child, he and his siblings would help his mother in the kitchen, and these memories inspired the creation of Flacos. He took those dishes and replaced all the animal ingredients with vegetarian-based substitutes. You won’t find any microwaved elements in our dishes, and all ingredients are GMO-Free from fresh local vendors.

Today the family legacy continues as the business is passed on to the new generation. Anthony Magana, the nephew of Antonio has taken Flacos to grow even further to serve the community with the same deliciously authentic, hand-prepared Mexican food. Flacos has the vision to make clean, healthy ingredients accessible to worldwide communities and stay true to its sustainability-minded roots. Come visit us today, where we will always greet you with a smile, have incredible traditional flavors and bring you into the family.

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We strive to make healthy, clean ingredients accessible for worldwide communities to improve their quality of life.

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